Uplifting Humanity

Uplifting Humanity

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Uplifting Humanity
  • This is the Time to Raise Human Consciousness

    Right now the most important thing in the world is raising human consciousness. Tremendous technologies have come. The problem is not of technology. The problem is of compulsiveness. When we say compulsiveness, it’s just absence of consciousness. If we were conscious human beings, we would use ev...

  • Meet Sadhguru

    Sadhguru- a Yogi, Mystic, Visionary, Author of Best Selling Book- "Inner Engineering- A Yogi's Guide to Joy", a Humanitarian, an Environmentalist, a profound Poet, a renowned Speaker at various Global Platforms like United Nations, World Economic Forum, Google etc, and a lot more, conducts Yoga ...

  • UN Under-Secretary-General Ibrahim Thiaw Hosts Sadhguru

    Sadhguru and UNCCD Executive Secretary Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw discuss how land users, governments, and the civil society can collaborate to promote sustainable land management globally. #CauveryCalling

  • How Even the Worst Situation Can Transform Your Life

    Sadhguru tells us the story of a woman who went through the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, but made use of even this terrible tragedy to transform her life.