With Sadhguru in Challenging Times - the COVID-19 crisis

With Sadhguru in Challenging Times - the COVID-19 crisis

We are going through extraordinarily challenging times, with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic spreading across the globe. Most of us are experiencing dramatic changes in our daily lives. In such a situation, it is even more vital to enhance our exuberance, inner balance, and wellbeing, so we can be a strong and uplifting support to everyone around us.
Sadhguru offers answers to questions that arose during the first coronavirus lockdown.

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With Sadhguru in Challenging Times - the COVID-19 crisis
  • Challenging Times - Can They Be Made Playful?

  • How to Make our Mind Work for Us

    Sadhguru challenges us to make the mind work for us and how to get rid of its debilitating subconscious programming. He emphasizes how one cannot control someone else's mind, but only do something about their own mind.

  • Take Charge of Your Mind and Emotions

    Sadhguru speaks about the significance of the Inner Engineering Online program especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Inner Engineering Online is a 7-session online course designed by Sadhguru that provides you with tools to empower yourself to create your life the way you want it. In just 10 hou...

  • "Sadhana is not the way, but without Sadhana, there is no way" - Sadhguru

    Sadhguru explains how sadhana or spiritual practice is a tool not only for health and wellbeing, but a tool to draw forth a dimension which is not yet in your experience.

  • Inner Engineering - Our Very Presence Can Be Transformational

    If we have imbibed the very essence of the Inner Engineering program, our very presence can be transformational. Sadhguru elaborates how if one is living the Inner Engineering program, how their presence can be transformational. One can be inspiring as a human being and need not convince others t...

  • Do Our Skills Pass On to the Next Life?

    Do our capabilities and qualities transfer to the next life or do they disappear? Whatever you can do, do it to the best of your ability now. Sadhguru explains how whatever skills, energy, love, joy you have, please explore it fully in this life. Do not invest your time, thought, emotion and ener...

  • Mike Tyson asks Sadhguru - How to Receive Peace in Crisis